Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been Awhile Part 2

Here are some pictures of my newest items. They did pretty well at the craft shows and are starting to pick up in my Etsy shop as well.

Body Butter (yes, I need a better picture)

Lip Balms~~I don't have a lot of flavors yet but I do have some 'favorites' like Pina Colada, Chocolate Raspberry (made with straight cocoa butter to give the chocolate flavor)and a new flavor that's one of my favorites~Wine Cooler~it's great, especially with sweetner!!! Yumm...

Sugar Scrubs~just a little fancier than the salts

Monday, January 26, 2009

Been Awhile

Holidays have come and gone. Ours was quiet, & too short as usual. It's sad that in the US we get more time off to stuff our face and empty our wallets at Thanksgiving while at Yule/Christmas, etc.; we are only given the one day to share with family and friends for a very special time of year (just in case anyone who has the power to change that reads this, lol).

I had been a busy little crafter! I've been doing craft/vendor shows since the end of October. Working full time leaves me little time to prepare new items or make more of my exisiting items. I even put my Etsy store on 'vacation'.
With only a few weeks left for shopping, I figured I'd open it back up.

I really didn't do well at the "craft" fairs. I put the word craft in quotes because many of the fairs I have been to have had a larger number of VENDORS, not people, like myself, who make things by their own hand. There have been Avon Reps, Tastefully Simple, a bath/beauty Vendor, and more. Why are they there? Why are the small towns having them at these fairs? There was a women at one who made the most beautiful tree skirts. I don't know if she did well or if everyone went to by the "commercial" jewlery and beauty products; leaving us sitting there ....

(ok, enough of that)