Sunday, October 26, 2008

Craft Show Day 10/26

Well it was a beautiful day today; sunny, kind of warm,, all of us vendors expected it to be a profitable day for us. NOT!

We don't know why; even the jewelry vendors didn't do well and that's unusual! I think the only one who did well was the food vendor selling chili!! LOL.

I did get a lot of peoples interest, though and took my cards. I got an invite to another craft show on the 1st, and some suggestions to bring my items to a couple of stores to sell. That was good to come away with, anyway.

Here's a picture of the new body scrubs I wrote in the last Craft Show entry:

This is Honeysuckle Rose scent. I have other scents available, too, like the photo below:

This is a scrub I made for the men out there whose partners would appreciate softer hands!! I've asked quite a few men who have come to the Craft Shows for their opinion on the scent and they all liked it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holiday Ideas

Here are some items that would make lovely gifts:

This is an Oriental 'inside' painted bottle; fill w/choice of scent!
Lavender Love Herbal Tea in a hand painted collectible bottle!

This is my Victorian Christmas gift basket!

Check out my site for prices and on now!

More ideas to come...

Craft Show Day

Today was a brisk fall day, a little too brisk for some people though, including us vendors!! The wind would gust up now and then but the sun would come out too, warming us up.

I made out pretty well for my only 2nd show! I've been invited to come back again next Sunday. The owner of the store lets the vendors set up on the property for free and it's near a nursery in my town. It's a perfect place because the Nursery has a 'pumpkin' town all October and brings a lot of people by her shop!!

I sold quite a few of these items:

My oil blends............

My teas............................
and some body pics yet!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Autumn Goodies

Newly created items with an Autumn theme. I enjoyed creating these:

Above is my Second Autumn gift basket~with my Second Harvest bath salts, tea, bath fizzies and more!

This was a custom order for a customer. She wanted an oil that smelled like "autumn". With a few ideas from her, I created Autumn Eternal oil. A mix of cedar, clove and more (now comes in 2 ounce size)......she loved it!

This is my Rustic Country basket; name isn't so autumnal but the items in the basket are, I think. The china tea cup/saucer have pretty yellow/golden flowers and maple leaves which are with the autumn theme!!

and last but not least, these Clove & Spice Wax Melts:

If you would like more information on these, be sure to stop by my shop. I currently have a 15% off sale and Free gift baskets (see details).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ahh...Autumn...One of my favorite seasons!

Cool crisp, sunny days and cool fresh air nights. I just love this time of year. It's nice to be driving along or walking on a sunny day and seeing the gold, reds & purples! of the leaves.
I like the fact that I have some flowers that bloom during this time of year. Sedum, Goldenrod, Black-Eyed Susans just to mention a few. I grabbed some pretty wildflowers that are blooming like crazy from my backyard, along with some goldenrod & Black Eyed Susans and brought in the house for a lovely fall bouquet! The B.E. Susans are on their way out for the season and some of their petals had fallen as I was trying to put them in the arrangement. It was a good thing in a way because I was able to incorporate their golden petals into some of my photos.

I also love this time of year for all the 'country' fairs we have in CT and the BIG E in Massachusettes! Though we haven't been able to go this year, we have always tried to go to at least one in the past. I prefer the fairs that are in later September for the cooler weather. The fairs are a great place for the family to get out and just walk around, seeing animals, tractor pulls, enjoying the sounds, and smelling all those FABULOUS foods!!!

...more to come...