Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Do-ins~~Labor Day Weekend

Back from a really nice afternoon spent with my husband. Our son was off to a fair with a friend and my husband suggested we go to the CT River for some fishing. We would take our Explorer, drop the tailgate and relax.

On the way, we passed a sign to a State Park. My husband commented that he never noticed that sign before. We turned around and pulled in for a look-see. Well what a nice surprise we found. We had the whole park almost to ourselves except for a few people with their pooches. We caught a few fish, a couple of trout, but small so we let go free. The pumpkin seeds weren't bitin'.

This is a straight on view of the pond.

Getting ready (hubby can put on worm...ewwww...)

Ready for a bite (hubby's gonna have a friend...)


A treat! Unexpected fireworks in the evening at a nearby resort!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall On The Way~~Labor Day Wknd.

Ahh..the last weekend of the summer is upon us. I'm looking forward to the cool weather myself! Like other people, my family & I will be going to a picnic over the weekend..spending time with my family.

Time to work on perhaps some fall themed items...definitely holiday & seasonal themed items!!
Can't seem to think of any as I write this...any suggestions as to what scents I could offer in my shop would be welcomed! Please leave a suggestion on my blog here!

8/31/08 UPDATE~yay! I have one suggestion...wanna see? leave yours! :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ZAZZLE~~Another Side of Me

These are some samples of my creations I done using photos, fractal programs and others:

This is called Harvest Moon. I combined 2 photo's into one and did some 'photo shop' type editing to it. This is called Holiday Spirit..done with a fractal program....this is one of my favorites.

This is the latest..a picture of some pretty spring flowers....simply called Spring Blooms.....which

led me to create "Iced Blooms" (how original, huh?).......All of these and many more can be found on my page*.

While you are there, check out some of the other people I have posted on my Gallery if you're looking for something different!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Herbal Teas

Thought I would do an entry regarding my teas! All of my teas are made with herbs and are decaffinated (unless there is black tea in the recipe). I've gotten great feedback on them and thought I would share this with those of you who visit the post:

All of the teas are made fresh and kept in airtight jars until ready to be shipped; which I send in a muslin bag with brewing instructions.

I have the following blends:


Across the Pond~My variation of English Rose tea.

Dianas Brew

Chamomile & Catnip~~(probably should re-name this one, I think people are scared of by the catnip. It's actually a good ingredient for people as well as a "high" for the felines.


AIR BLEND (element of)~~this tea is created especially for the metaphysical properties that the herbs used have in conjection with the Element of Air.

THE SEER~~this tea is also created with herbs related to having the metaphysical properties of insight, psychic awareness.........

See my Etsy store for ingredients and more information.

**Do not use any of these herbal teas without first checking with a doctor if you are taking any prescription medications, have allergies, etc. These herbal blends are to with anything you already be doing for relaxtion, sleep, etc.***

Sunday, August 24, 2008


sigh...well, it's been a quiet day so far! I went into the yard with my husband to do some yardwork. That lasted about an hour for me..LOL..have to finish up later today when it's cooler!

Not doing much today..redid some photos for my newest item additions for my Etsy shop. Here they be:

Newest batch of bathsalts! "Oriental Garden"

So pretty..... this Pfaltzgraff towel holder................

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Handiwork

Here are some of my items that I have created. I like working with herbs & oils. I was introduced to this talent by a woman I had met a few years back and have enjoyed discovering this part of me!

This is a hand made body/bath/massage oil! The bottle was decorated by a fellow "Etsian"!!!

I use left over candle wax, mostly unscented, and give it "new life" by adding essential oils and creating these Mini Tarts..great for people who are allergic to incense smoke .

Cool Mint Mini Wax Melts

I also have a nice variety of Herbal Tea Blends and have gotten favorable response to them! They come in these REUSEABLE muslin bags with brew instructions!

Herbal Tea Blends

Stop by my store to find more handmade items. I also do custom requests!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wee Hours

It's 12:50 est...and I've just started this blog! Too much coffee, I are a few pictures to start it off!

**Friend from Texas..she's hot shit!


**Full moon this past Sat. night by the ocean.

**Buildings along Mystic River; waiting for the bridge....